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Sunglo® Smooth


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Sunglo® Smooth is a15% protein ground show pig feed designed to enhance fat cover and body fill

Features and Benefits

  • The answer for a softer bodied, smoother muscle patterned show pig
  • Contains proprietary amino acid blend that helps support rib shape and body fill 
  • Extremely palatable to keep your pigs on track for the winner's circle


What type of pig does Sunglo Smooth work well on?

Smooth can work well on harder muscled, tighter bodied or harder doing market hogs and breeding gilts. If you have a show pig that has too much in terms of shape or is too harsh in their rib or body, Smooth is the right choice. We've found that Smooth can work on a vast array of today's show pigs, especially those that have plenty of natural muscle.

How does Sunglo Smooth differ from other feeds in the Sunglo lineup?

Smooth is a totally different formulation compared to the other products in the Sunglo lineup. Our proprietary blend of amino acids in Smooth help support rib shape and body fill. Historically, Sunglo Feeds have fed with more shape and muscle up high by providing enhanced lysine and 5 other key amino acids, and while Smooth won't strip your animal of muscle, it will calm shape, and help blend everything together to give you a balanced, proportional look needed for today's show ring.  If you need to maintain muscle, check out 16-G. If you're wanting to bolster muscle, check out 18-G. If you're wanting to add bloom and muscle, check out 800/803.

How much Sunglo Smooth do I feed and when should I start?

Smooth is a balanced, complete meal (ground) feed that can be fed as the complete ration for your show pig, up to 8 lbs. per head per day, depending on many factors.  We recommend starting slow with lower feed levels to make sure they are consuming the feed offered to them in a timely manner. We recommend transitioning off your current diet over a 5-day timeline to help prevent any gastronomic upset. Smooth can be fed at any time in the feeding phase.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein: 15.00%
  • Fat: 7.00%
  • Fiber: 4.00%
  • Lysine: .94%
  • Medication: Contact your dealer or manufacturer
  • Form: Meal

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