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Durvet Spectra SHIELD™


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It's easy! No mess, no stress. Just clip'n go.
Spectra SHIELD™ Collar Attached Medallions contain powerful ingredients to offer 4 months of flea and tick control for dogs.

The medallion snaps on easily to the dog’s collar so there is no mess and no stress! It is available in 3 different weight sizes. The medallion contains a powerful synergized pyrethroid - zetacypermethrin - that kills adult fleas and ticks at maximum efficacy. The second ingredient, Piperonyl Butoxide, is a mixedfunction oxidase inhibitor which ensures the maximum effectiveness of Spectra Shield against ticks during all stages of their blood-feeding life cycle.

Dogs only (6 months or older).

  • Quick and Easy, snap on motion
  • Flea & tick protection for 4 months at a great value
  • Convenient alternative to monthly treatments
  • No more hassle remembering to apply every month
  • Can be worn during swimming or bathing
  • Available in 3 convenient sizes
  • While this highly effective combination protects pets, it exhibits very low toxicity to animals and humans
  • Available in an eye-catching merchandising shelf display - holds 6 units
  • Spectra Shield™ - Sustained Release Delivery System:
    • Continuously releases very small amounts of active ingredients
    • Consistently replenishes the actives to the dog’s skin and hair coat
    • Avoids heavy concentrations and variations of active ingredients
    • No activation needed... Just clip’n go!

Piperonyl Butoxide................20%




  • Open clasp and slide around the “D” ring on dog’s collar
  • Close clasp halves and press together until it clicks into place
  • When properly closed, both halves will line up evenly
  • The medallion must swing freely from the “D-ring” on the dog’s collar


NOTE: To open the closed clasp, pull the 2 sections away from each other at the top of the oval to release them and open clasp.

See label for complete directions and precautions.

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