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Sullivan Supply REVIVE

Sullivan Supply

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A great product to promote healthy and beautiful hair coats. The foaming action of Revive dissipates into the hair to moisturize and bring life, body, and freshness to dull, dry hair without leaving the hair waxy or limp. Revive is formulated with a purified grade of nourishing bio-based plant leaf and seed oils along with olive oil and high-grade lanolin ester emollients that penetrate and condition the skin and hair with nature’s nutrients. The natural antioxi-dants contained in Revive stimulate circulation within the scalp to increase nutrient absorption into the hair follicles for faster, healthier hair growth. Revive is high in Vitamin E and fortified with VITA HAIR™.
For daily care, spray over the entire body, comb in and blow deep down to the skin. Let Revive soak into the hair over-night, rinse out in the morning. It also works great to eliminate flaking skin.
For cattle that are kept in a cooler, apply REVIVE during the day and rinse out before letting out for the night. For a quick conditioning treatment during hot weather, apply REVIVE, comb in, blow dry deep into the hair and rinse immediately. Apply daily depending on hair dryness.

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